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Our Story

We started processing this “wiping cloth” some 30 years ago for a large client. We learned over the years that some of their employees were taking them home to use for many household purposes. And then we thought "why not introduce this to all consumers?" With growing success, we are now offering it to everyone who wants the versatility of Soft Landings Home - whether at home, the office, car, RV and more - and those who want to use a product they can feel good about.



We are on a mission to reduce paper towel waste in landfills while giving our customers the sturdiest Bamboo reusable paper towel. At Softlandings Home we're doing our part to help clean up our environment.



We have a simple vision: to reduce paper towel waste and its presence in landfills by providing a greener, more sturdy, longer lasting resusable alternative.

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