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4 Easy Tips for Starting a Zero Waste Makeup Removal Routine in 2022

It's a new year and you've got some goals for creating a healthier lifestyle in 2022 but it can be hard to let go of old routines in exchange for new and better ones. Ones that can have a much bigger impact than just your personal health.

Zero waste is a mega trend for 2022 as we ordinary citizens look to make our own impact on the environment and climate by reducing and making better purchase decisions. One of the easiest routines anyone can start is the simple act of zero waste makeup removal.

It might surprise you to stop and think about your current routine, the products you use and how you're impacting the environment.

Here are four simple tips for starting your new zero-waste makeup removal routine this year that will have you sleeping peacefully every night.

Makeup removing wipes are handy, BUT...

most are not recyclable or compostable. The average makeup wipe takes a staggering 100 years to decompose in landfills. In the UK alone, they reportedly use 11 million of these single use wipes, so imagine how many are used in the US! In fact, many in the government there are campaigning to ban them.

While the perceived convenience of these wipes is tempting for a quick swipe to remove makeup and then toss it away, the waste adds up quickly. A better option is a wash cloth or washable, reusable cloth "paper" towel that can be used and washed multiple times for a long period of time before disposal, or finding another use for them around the house when tired and worn.

It will feel so much better to toss your reusable cloth into the laundry than a one-time use wipe into the waste bin. Here are Six Cute and Sustainable Alternatives to Single-use Makeup Wipes via HuffPost.

Choose natural, clean ingredient soaps and cleansers (oils and moisturizers)

Use a gentle, all natural ingredient soap that breaks down easily and naturally, reducing the amount of chemicals put back into the water system. Often times it is difficult to filter these completely. Many of these products are made with alcohols that can dry and damage skin.

Natural products may seem more expensive, but the cost is worth it to keep harmful chemicals off your skin and out of the environment. The bonus is that many of these natural ingredients have been shown to improve skin conditions and reduce redness and even gently treat acne.

You can easily make your own makeup remover in a reusable jar. Honey and baking soda can remove stubborn makeup and even gently exfoliate skin at the same time. Here are some all natural makeup remover recipe ideas via

We like the idea of shopping local or finding homemade products on Etsy. Pro Tip: read the ingredients list and look for packaging (jars or paper) that can be reused in other ways or recycled.

Chill Out!

Splashing skin with warm water may seem like a lovely idea, especially on a cold winter's day, but most dermatologists prefer cool water instead.

Cool or cold water has many benefits for skin, including closing pores, invigorating skin and increasing blood flow where warm to hotter water can actually dry skin. Cold water can also act as an astringent, toning skin to help it look more refreshed and can be especially beneficial for dry or acne-prone skin.

Opting for cool or cold water has an environmental impact as well, the most evident being a reduction in the use of gas or electricity to heat water. Cold water can also help wake you up on those mornings when you're not quite ready to get up and going and reduce puffiness.

Pro Tip: Because cold water closes pores, opt for lukewarm water first to ensure pores are clean of makeup and dirt, and then finish with cool or cold water.

A Great Foundation

One of the best things you can do for a zero-waste makeup removal routine is to use all natural makeup using real ingredients that are good for your skin and the environment. has a great list of their top zero waste makeup products for 2022. The post also includes tons of tips for starting a zero waste lifestyle.

Moreover, just like choosing an all natural makeup remover, reducing use of products using not so natural ingredients once again reduces their presence in our water and landfills.

Pro Tip: Look for ingredients that are natural and best for your skin type and look for sustainable packaging.

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