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These are the 9 Best Ways to Use Reusable Cloth Paper Towels Everyday

Keep your cloth paper towels handy because you’re going to use one in each room every day, wash over the weekend and use them again.

Thanks to the pandemic, everyone is looking for a better way to clean and yet try to be as mindful of the environment as possible. Seriously, I feel a little bit of myself die each time I throw away a regular paper towel. Thanks to 100% bamboo cloth “paper” towels, I feel a lot better about cleaning, my impact on the environment and my life span.

Not to mention the positive impact on our household budget. Thanks to reusable cloth paper towels, we’re saving a lot of money.

In our house we’ve found so many uses for our cloth paper towels that we make sure there is one in nearly every room and, the best part is, we feel really good about using these as a paper towel alternative.

Here are the best ways to use your reusable cloth paper towels around the house everyday:

1. Clean glasses: Whether it’s regular eyeglasses, sunglasses or blue light glasses, they get cleaned each morning using a cloth paper towel just as well as the fancy cloth that comes with your glasses case, which everyone loses at some point. Cut one cloth paper towel sheet in half or quarters and leave them, with glass cleaner, in key points of the house.

2. Eliminate water spots on glass showers: If you have a shower with glass or glass doors, you probably have a squidgy close by, but we’ve found that a quick wipe with a cloth paper towel works just as well and leaves no streaks or lint behind. Plus, we can wash it quickly in the sink with soap and let it dry to reuse the next day.

3. Best steam remover: Who doesn’t love a nice hot shower and hate the steam on the mirror? Instead of using your hand to clear steam off the bathroom mirror, which will leave streaks behind, grab a cloth paper towel for a streak-less, lint-less wipe down.

4. Sticky fingerprints: Kiddos are so cute but sticky fingers leave a residue no one wants to see or feel. A quick spritz of cleaner (we prefer a little vinegar and water spray bottle) on to a cloth paper and the evidence disappears on glass dividers, stainless steel, door handles, faucets and more.

5. Wipe down common surfaces: If you’re still concerned about Covid-19 or the flu, it’s always good to spray and wipe down doorknobs and doors after guests leave or your sick child let’s her sneezes fly.

6. Pet messes: No one enjoys a pet mess, but these cloth paper towels do something ordinary paper towels cannot – they absorb and quickly. It makes cleaning any mess quick and easy.

7. Quickly wipe spills: Speaking of messes and spills, again, these washable paper towels absorb, wash and dry quickly diverting disaster from grape juice or wine spills.

8. Dinner napkins: Like most people, we keep the fancy cloth napkins for dinner parties. On an ordinary night, we use these cloth paper towels because they are thick and washable. Not only do we save money on paper towels but also paper napkins. Throw them in the wash bin and they are reusable for the following week.

9. Device wipe down: Why does it seem so difficult to get your phone or device screen perfectly clean and lint free? At the end of each day, we use a device spray, made specifically for these types of screens, and quickly wipe down our devices. The thickness of the cloth paper towel grabs at the screen easily pulling off fingerprints, debris and that morning’s latte.

The best part of using reusable bamboo cloth paper towels is the thickness. Each sheet is so thick we throw them in with our regular towels on laundry day, roll, place in a lovely bin and reuse weekly.

As stores become unable to keep paper products on the shelf, we cruise through each week without concern.

Do you have a tip on how to use cloth paper towels? Share it on our Facebook page.



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